NYKT Marine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “the Company”) recognizes that it is an important social responsibility to secure our reliably through protecting and ensuring safe management of personal information of our customers and partners. Based on this understanding and in accordance with the NYK Group Behavior Charter, we promise that all of our board members and employees will comply with personal information protection laws and regulations and properly handle the personal information the Company possesses, and we will take appropriate measures for safe management of the information.

1.Collection and acquisition of personal information
We will obtain personal information while taking adequate measures for safe management to the extent necessary for business in a legitimate and fair manner.
2.Notification of purpose for using personal information
When we ask our customers and partners to provide their personal information, we will tell them the purpose of its use. Personal information provided to us will not be used for other than intended purposes without consent of the person.
3.Management of personal information
To enable us to properly store and manage with care personal information provided to us and to prevent it from illegal access, loss, destruction, alternation, leakage, and other risks, we will train our board members and employees, organize company rules, and thus, protecting personal information and promoting safety measures.
4.Provision of personal information to third party
As a principle, we will never provide personal information received from our customers and partners to any third party except for any of the following cases:
  1. (1)The person agrees with disclosure of his/her personal information;
  2. (2)Disclosure is required by laws and regulations;
  3. (3)Disclosure is for statistical material and other purposes in which it is impossible to identify individuals;
  4. (4)Limited information that we consider necessary to disclose to companies with which we have concluded a confidentiality agreement in connection with provision of products and services for our customers; and
  5. (5)Disclosure necessary to protect the person’s life, body, or properties and it is difficult to obtain his/her consent.
5.Compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and norms
We will comply with laws, regulations, guidelines, and norms which are applied to personal information we possess, and will review from time to time the policy in each paragraph stated above for improvement.

Shigeatsu Kikuchi
President and Representative Director
NYKT Marine Co., Ltd