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In collaboration with many manufacturers, we provide a whole range of materials involved in lashing on container ships and ro-ro ships as well as coating materials, cleaning implements, and special cleaning agents for cargo holds of bulk carriers at customers’ requests to support cargo handling.

PTCT Lashing Materials

We deal with a wide range of merchandise, not limited to lashing gear, including 2 ton and 6 ton lashing belts, chains, stands and dunnage. Gear essential for smooth loading and unloading operations are also part of our lineup, for example, soft cones , traffic sign and flashlights.

We also provide secondhand lashing belts at reasonable prices, which we obtain when customers replace a total set of gear with a new one, to be used for one way transport of used cars for export. The secondhand devices used instead of new wires and other gear contribute to customers’ operational cost reduction effort.

Container Lashing Materials

We provide all kinds of gear related to container lashing, including metallic gear fixed to the ship.

Cargo Hold Coatings

We supply products of leading domestic paint makers such as Chugoku Marine Paints, Nippon Paint and NKM Coatings as well as overseas makers like Hempel.

We cater to various requests of customers on a global basis, ranging from delivery dates and prices to merchandise

Manufacturers of Container Gears Available

Koei Kinzoku Kogyo Taiyo Seiki Kogyo MacGregor Group AB
German Lashing Robert Bock GmbH SEC - Ship's Equipment Centre Bremen GmbH

PTCT Lashing Gears Available

< Rexxam Co.,LTD.(CLASPER)>
Clasper for 2tons Clasper for 6tons Clasper for 10tons HCC for 16tons
Tightner for 2tons Tightner for 6tons Tightner for 10tons

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