According to a report by the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (IBM-PRC), the number of pirate attacks has been sharply increasing recent years. 70% of attacks happen in Southeast Asia and Southwest Asia, highlighting the region as the most susceptible to piracy.
The geographical condition in which vessels have to slow their speed at the Malacca straits and the difficulty of security operations in the areas where maritime borders of piracy-prone countries are congested are considered to be the reasons.
Jacklight’s very strong light beam works as a stern warning to the pirates and also helps you with early detection of pirates.


Jacklight is a searchlight whose light source is a short arc metal halide lamp. Its optical characteristics are close to that of a solar beam. Featuring superior visibility, it powerfully illuminates work sites and enables search for a target object.

  • Recognize an unidentified vessel 500m away
  • Powerful threatening effect by using the high-intensity metal halide lamp
  • Compact and lightweight model makes speedy operation possible
  • Dedicated fixing base makes installation easy
  • Utility model registration has been granted

Key Features and Performances

Model MPW-250ABS-GH
Rating Constant
Class of protection IPX5
Operational atmosphere -10 to +40℃ ( not to be freezing )
Ballast non-exposed
Input power AC100V±10%, 1φ, 50/60Hz Rating 5A
Lamp power 250W
Luminosity 1,300,0000cd or more
Elevation (1/10) approx. 9 degree
Weight Searchlight approx. 11kg / Fixing base approx. 2kg

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